A Lululemon Shoe Review, After Hundreds of Miles of Testing

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Welcome to my Lululemon footwear reappraisal wherever we volition beryllium reviewing the Chargefeel Low and the Blissfeel!

I’ve been investigating 2 pairs of Lululemon shoes for hundreds of miles. Spoiler alert: I loved one, and the other… not truthful much.

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A travel to find THE moving shoe

I was 8 years aged erstwhile I lined up astatine my archetypal starting line, acceptable to contention the Catalina Marathon’s Kid’s Mile (my ma was moving the marathon but ne'er caput that, this is astir ME).

Strapped connected my feet? My beloved red, achromatic and sparkle Skechers level sneakers, implicit with a rhinestone bosom footwear charm – the epitome of 2000’s style. Were they the astir applicable choice? No, but successful the sanction of manner they became my precise archetypal brace of moving shoes.

red and achromatic  diversion  level    shoes

As a lifelong runner, I longed for a stylish brace of moving shoes similar that archetypal pair. Womens moving shoes person ever been precise either oregon for me. They are either perfectly boring looking oregon very neon oregon person neon POPS of colour – not my style.

My bosom aches everytime I ammunition retired currency to acquisition different brace of ugly, but functional and supportive womens moving shoes. I completed my archetypal marathon this past summertime successful a large shoe… that was conscionable not a cute shoe. I’d beryllium lying if I said the deficiency of fusion betwixt manner and relation doesn’t fuss me. I americium successful a originative tract – the aesthetics, they get to me.

I *gasped* erstwhile I saw Lululemon’s moving footwear marketing


Was this what I had been waiting for? Lulu shoes?

I was archetypal intrigued by the beauteous tones and sleek silhouette. Could this footwear beryllium the reply to combining manner and function? Would they beryllium arsenic bully arsenic my highly tested brace of go-to moving shoes?

It’s hard to marque that leap and effort a antithetic footwear erstwhile moving shoes travel astatine a precocious terms point, particularly aft 20 years of caring for legs that person logged galore miles. But the propulsion was excessively strong, they had to beryllium enactment to the test.

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First up, The Lululemon Chargefeel Low

Designed to beryllium an mundane moving footwear and grooming shoe, the Chargefeel “delivers the bounce you request for moving and the agile enactment you request for training.”

lululemon chargefeel debased  successful  sage moving  footwear  review

Pros: Love the disposable colorways

How cute is that sage greenish colorway? I emotion however galore neutral and cute tones these shoes were offered in! Easy to deterioration anywhere.

Cons: Many

Lacked support, tons of crushed feel, small stride return, slippery laces

Half a mile into my archetypal run, I turned to my hubby and said “mmmm I don’t similar these.” I was determined to springiness them an capable chance, truthful I continued testing.

Running agelong distances successful these felt similar moving successful a footwear that was astatine the extremity of its beingness cycle. Every measurement was difficult, I felt small to nary bounce successful each step. When you’re connected a agelong run, it’s astonishing to consciousness your footwear moving with you and these guys, they were moving against me. When your legs are perfectly fried and you person fractional a mile near – that small bounce instrumentality makes each the difference.

These near maine with choky calves, aching arches and bottommost symptom that lasted done the time and into the adjacent run. These are feelings I person erstwhile I’ve logged 300 miles successful a footwear – feelings I bash not expect successful a marque caller shoe. I adjacent tried adding successful immoderate extra arch support which helped a bit, but not capable – the symptom and deficiency of bounce prevailed.

I could not hold to scope that 100 mile investigating play I had allotted myself truthful I could alteration retired of these shoes. It really took rather a portion to marque it done 100 miles due to the fact that I kept switching backmost to my regular shoes successful an effort to spare my calves.

Where is that bounce, where’s the stride return, where’s the padding 👀 Chargefeel?!

Chargefeel Low takeaways

I would see the Chargefeel for thing little precocious interaction than moving looong distances. I ne'er took these shoes connected a tally longer than 6 miles due to the fact that I was disquieted astir however my arches and calves would suffer.
If you are considering switching from your regular moving footwear to these, don’t. They are precise cute though truthful I americium excited to person them – I volition conscionable beryllium moving errands successful them, not miles 🙂


lululemon blissfeel footwear  reappraisal  wearing popflex shortsie and shruggie

The Lululemon Blissfeel

After moving successful the Chargefeel, I was feeling rather skeptical astir trying different Lululemon shoe. Lulu describes the Blissfeel arsenic the mundane moving shoe, specifically designed with a women’s ft successful mind.

lululemon blissfeel moving  footwear  review

Pros: Highly supportive, truthful cute

These person exceeded my each expectation. THESE. These were what I was hoping for successful the Chargefeel.

Functionality wise, the Blissfeel an fantabulous shoe. They are supportive, cushiony, and SO CUTE. My legs consciousness that bounce and instrumentality I felt the different lacked. My calves were not overly choky from deficiency of support. My feet felt enveloped successful a cushion-y cute small package. Everytime I enactment them connected – I was not lone excited for different tally successful them, but was conscionable truthful thrilled astir however cute they are.

Over the investigating period, I began to spot Lululemon shoes again. I could consciousness the shoes moving with me, supporting each step, giving backmost that subtle bounce instrumentality I emotion truthful much. They carried maine done many, galore miles. I soared past my 100 mile substance people and americium presently approaching the 300 mile mark.

Aesthetically – they are truthful cute! Definitely stylish, casual to deterioration connected a tally but besides casual to deterioration successful mundane life. I bash privation my brace were a spot much subtle – the agleam purple is simply a interaction excessively overmuch for me.

Cons: Not arsenic galore muted colors, slippery laces

The Blissfeels are inactive truthful aesthetic compared to the good known styles I’ve grown up with – but rather a fewer colorways are those neons I americium truthful utilized to seeing. There are decidedly immoderate bully much muted options though.

Something rather absorbing but not a large reddish emblem for maine – some styles of Lulu shoes had truly slippery laces. Just treble knot them tight, and you’re FINE.

lululemon footwear  reappraisal  blissfeel

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Blissfeel takeaways

I smiled each clip I looked down astatine them. My bosom felt afloat knowing that determination connected my feet was what I had been looking for since that Catalina Kid’s Marathon.My quest for the cleanable moving footwear has travel to an extremity ❤
I really already person my adjacent brace of Blissfeels waiting successful the rafters for their crook to deed the pavement. The adjacent brace of shoes to transportation maine that 26.2 volition undoubtedly beryllium Lululemon’s Blissfeels.

If you are besides looking for the cleanable fusion of manner and relation successful a women’s moving footwear – THESE ARE WORTH IT.

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