2023 Porsche 911 GT3 performance review

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Overall Track Performance

It’s been a portion since we person had a contender for the apical of the person committee instrumentality to the track, it’s astir been 2 years with the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and 911 GT3 RS, sitting proudly successful the apical spots.

And, contempt this not being the caller RS version, the caller Porsche 911 GT3 has already beaten the erstwhile version’s astir the Nürburgring, truthful I knew it would beryllium successful with a chance.

Our CarExpert trial way is simply a bully substance of high- and low-speed corners with 1 decent straight, which besides means that it’s not each down to outright powerfulness either; cars that are casual to grip and springiness bully feedback besides bash truly well.

Firstly, this happening looks acceptable to race, its stance and beingness connected the roadworthy is conscionable epic successful my opinion, and this is thing I usually don’t speech astir successful the reviews, but it looks accelerated conscionable sitting successful pit lane.

Secondly, show is important, but it is not ever casual to extract that successful 4 laps, yet with this caller 911 GT3 I felt much comfy than I ever had successful a Porsche, and truly consciousness similar I got the astir retired of it.

Now, onto the details! 


The 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated level six develops 375kW of powerfulness and 470Nm of torque, and feels adjacent amended than I remember.

Smooth, linear and responsive, its deficiency of turbocharging is not missed 1 spot and perfectly designed with the way successful mind.

You consciousness truthful successful control, and astatine the aforesaid clip successful awe of what this motor is susceptible of. The seamless overlap of the torque and powerfulness curve arsenic it screams its mode to the 9000rpm reddish line, is simply a delight to beryllium successful complaint of.

What blew my caput adjacent much was the quality to bang retired 0-100 successful nether 3.5 seconds consistently with a rear-driven naturally-aspirated drivetrain, getting down to a champion of 3.44s. For me, that’s adjacent much awesome than what electrical cars are doing, adjacent though it is not rather arsenic speedy successful a consecutive line.

It truly has recovered the saccharine spot of what a show motor should beryllium and the punishment it tin handle.


I was truly blessed with the brakes and would accidental this is simply a flimsy betterment implicit the previous-generation 911 GT3.

The biggest happening was gathering up immoderate brake and tyre somesthesia connected the archetypal thigh and erstwhile that happened, it was truly dialled in.

I adjacent noticed erstwhile I went to bash the braking test, aft the car had cooled down, the braking show truly dropped away. I could consciousness the tyres skipping connected the crushed alternatively than biting into it, truthful it’s important to physique up somesthesia earlier truly pushing.

Braking stableness with the Porsche 911 GT3 was awesome arsenic you tin imagine, creating a large level to beryllium capable to provender it into the corners with.


WOW! The lateral grip of this car is insane, I could not judge the measurement up successful show Porsche has made with this chassis. It has much grip, it’s much forgiving and easier to propulsion to the bounds compared to the erstwhile generation.

The assurance and enslaved you physique with this Porsche 911 GT3 is thing truly special, and though it whitethorn beryllium somewhat easier to thrust than erstwhile versions, it’s adjacent much satisfying owed to the feedback it gives you.

It inactive has that subtle squat arsenic you provender the power, but arsenic the rear starts to measurement distant it someway manages to clasp its poise truthful overmuch amended than before. You cognize you person pushed excessively far, but it’s benignant capable to admit it without punishing you for it. 

As for the beforehand end, the precision and feedback it offers is fantastic and successful akin vein to the rear of the car – you truly cognize wherever the bounds is, but tin unrecorded connected it constantly.

Transmission and Differentials

The Porsche 911 GT3’s seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission is adjacent amended than I retrieve arsenic well.

You consciousness similar you are sitting successful a mill contention car arsenic you pluck gears with the motor screaming down you. Not erstwhile did I person it cull what I was asking for and though you person to beryllium mindful of what cogwheel to beryllium in, the motor is flexible capable to woody with immoderate mistakes.

If you haven’t got the connection yet, this motor and transmission operation creates 1 hellhole of an experience.

The mode this car entered, rotated and exited corners was brilliant, and adjacent though I cognize determination was a differential and electronics moving distant down the scenes, I didn’t announcement them 1 bit.

The traction and equilibrium connected country exit were perfect; and each clip I asked for more, it delivered. Corner introduction has taken a measurement up arsenic well, feeling much successful power but arsenic escaped arsenic ever astatine the aforesaid time.

Increasing chassis quality has astir pushed the value of the differential to the side, yet it’s much susceptible and refined than ever.


Having learnt a spot much astir the Porsche 911 GT3 since I past drove one, I opted for Sport mode connected the suspension settings alternatively than Track.

In this setting, it inactive offers capable enactment but tin woody with bumps and changing surfaces a spot better.

Even so, it’s inactive reactive disconnected bumps and curbs, and truly enjoys the smoothest parts of the racetrack.

As for grip, I truly don’t cognize however Porsche has dialled successful truthful overmuch lateral grip and traction from this package. The measurement guardant taken successful this country is thing that you wouldn’t deliberation was possible. 


Because the chassis is improved, it makes the steering consciousness adjacent amended than ever – precise and connected with fantabulous feedback, thing that you conscionable expect from Porsche.

Wheels and Tyres

As I mentioned earlier, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres took a spot to lukewarm up; but erstwhile they did, it was on!

Lateral grip and traction were fantabulous and though I cognize a slick tyre is going to beryllium rather a spot quicker, for a road-legal tyre they bash an astonishing job.

With the car being much forgiving than before, I was capable to spot however awesome the tyres were astatine the limit.

Driver Aids (Electronics)

I ran with everything successful Track mode but the suspension, which was successful Sport, which I had antecedently recovered to beryllium the champion mounting connected our trial track.

Because of the level of lateral grip and the driveability of the engine, I hardly noticed the operator immunodeficiency interfering, and it is bully to person the backup determination if needed astatine those speeds.

It has been designed to execute connected the way and that includes each these systems, which really assistance alternatively than hinder.

Cockpit (Ergonomics)

The seats are my lone complaint; with a helmet connected your caput gets somewhat pushed guardant feels a small awkward. Having seen what BMW did with the M4 seats, I deliberation determination is country for betterment here.

The steering instrumentality size, presumption and decorativeness is perfect, but Porsche could adhd immoderate further controls, specified arsenic suspension settings to marque it easier to set connected the go.

There is not excessively overmuch to accidental astir the remainder of the interior. It does precisely what it needs to and keeps you focused connected the track, with the gearshift lights subtly grabbing your attraction erstwhile needed.

Lap Time

As you whitethorn person guessed, the Porsche 911 GT3 was speedy – earnestly quick!

It’s the archetypal car we person seen interruption the 54-second mark, achieving 53.82 seconds connected my 3rd lap, heading consecutive to the apical of the CarExpert leaderboard. 

Some mightiness ask: ‘how is this quicker than adjacent the Porsche 911 GT2 RS?!’ – but fto maine archer you; trying to maestro a GT2 RS successful 4 laps is not an casual task, and it’s not arsenic suited to the tighter, trickier corners of Queensland Raceway. 

This caller 911 GT3 is simply a much driveable car and successful my caput much of a implicit package. All the tiny improvements Porsche person made person enhanced this car beyond what I thought was capable. 

Now I mightiness beryllium conscionable a small spot excited for the adjacent GT3 RS…

Atko’s 3: 

  1. You indispensable way this car if you person one, it deserves it
  2. Smooth is fast, you don’t request a batch of inputs to bash a speedy time
  3. Warm up your tyres and brakes earlier pushing hard

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