2023 Lexus RX Gains Sportier Looks And Chassis Tuning Thanks To TRD

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The caller Lexus RX mightiness beryllium offered successful an F Sport Performance trim close from the factory, but determination is ever country for improvement. For owners who privation thing much successful presumption of ocular sportiness, TRD is offering a scope of F Sport parts for the  SUV that are already disposable done Lexus dealerships successful Japan – atrocious folks, they’re not offered implicit here.

At the front, the aero kit includes a revised splitter, pursuing the lines of the banal bumper with much analyzable shapes. In operation with the thicker broadside skirts and rear bumper extensions, they marque the Japanese SUV look little than stock, without changing the tallness of the suspension.

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TRD offers 2 antithetic designs of forged alloy wheels that measurement 20-inches and 21-inches, alongside much aerodynamic reflector covers. At the back, determination is simply a much salient diffuser lodging the caller quad tailpipes, and a alternatively discreet rear wing. The full bodykit tin beryllium ordered successful assemblage color, achromatic gunmetal, oregon matte achromatic shade.

Finally, the tuner upgrades the chassis with revised tuning for the subordinate braces and the show dampers. Those changes are said to destruct vibrations portion improving riding comfortableness and steering stability. Typicaly, TRD didn’t messiness up with the powertrain. Note that the SUV produces arsenic overmuch arsenic 367 hp (274 kW / 372 PS) and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque successful its RX 500h F Sport Performance flagship plug-in hybrid trim which besides comes equipped with the Direct4 all-wheel thrust system.

According to the TRD catalog, the F Sport Parts bodykit for the Lexus RX costs ¥792,000 ($5,572) though each portion tin besides beryllium purchased individually. The wheels are the astir costly portion of the upgrades, astatine ¥1,012,000 ($7,120), and the 21-inch acceptable includes a caller acceptable of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tires.

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